Celebrating 15 Years of Mission and Ministry

On July 1, 2016 The Cornelius Corps celebrated 15 years of mission and ministry! As I reflect on the past and look to the future, I am so encouraged by the people, groups, and community that have shared in our journey of spiritual formation and racial justice/reconciliation. 

 We have also set our sights on a big goal -- to raise $100,000 in this Anniversary year to meet our current financial needs and to develop and expand the Corps. These resources will help us to:

  • Continue the variety of Corps ministries of spiritual formation and racial justice/reconciliation
  • Reach Out to more churches and individuals in the DC area and beyond to join the Corps
  • Expand the Corps website as a resource for developing both content and communication for the Corps network
  • Share a portion of the Corps financial resources to support ministry with children in DC through our long time partner New Community For Children

At our 15th Anniversary Celebration event on July 17 hosted by Cornelius Corps partner Crossroads United Methodist Church in Ashburn, VA, we debuted a video that introduces our ministry. Here is a link to that video. Please share the video with others as we continue to build the Corps. You can also make a financial contribution by going to the Donation page.

In Christ - Jim Melson, Director