The Core of The Cornelius Corps

What’s in a name? Admittedly, our ministry has a strange sounding name. Yet from the start of this ministry over thirteen years ago, our name is intended to summarize what is at the heart of our calling. The story of Cornelius and Peter in Acts 10 and 11 is an amazing account of God bringing people of very different backgrounds together resulting in mutual transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s the “Cornelius” part. Providing opportunities that combine mission and spiritual formation unite people across boundaries of race, economics, and culture. People who experience this kind of transforming unity in Christ deepen their relationships with both God and each other forming a new kind of community. That’s the “Corps” part.

In this edition of our newsletter, two people share their own experiences of what it means to be part of The Cornelius Corps. Robin Devenish from Crossroads UMC in Ashburn, VA describes how providing Bible School for children in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC turned out to be far more than a summer “service project.” Pay close attention as she describes a pilgrimage of growth and transformation. In the other featured article, Tom Nealley describes how his participation in our ministry led him to discern and follow God’s call on his life using the structure of the mission group that combines intentional spiritual formation, in-depth small group community, and a call to mission. The Cornelius Corps is called not only to provide transforming mission opportunities but also to equip people to discern and follow God’s call on their lives. I am grateful to Robin and Tom for their witness of what is at the core of The Cornelius Corps.

*Jim Melson — Director *

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