Pray, Vote, Heal

On this Election Day, I want to share the following article from Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy Leadership. It applies not only to Virginia but to our whole nation:

Today is Election Day. We are indeed blessed to live in a democracy in which most who want to can vote.

Let us pray for all the election judges, poll watchers and voters that we may have safe and welcoming voting places. Tens of thousands of volunteers help run our elections across the nation. Be sure to pray for them and thank them.

Let us vote. As people of faith, we are called to engage in the world, as messy as that may be at times.  Voting is a privilege and a responsibility.

This has been a contentious election. Regardless of who “wins,” Virginia’s religious leadership must encourage healing and reconciliation across faith lines, race lines and political lines.

Along with all religious leaders we share the hope and belief in the goodwill and compassion for the common good and well-being of Virginians during a peaceful transition of power. Over the next two weeks, we encourage religious leaders and congregations to provide a safe space for prayer, reflection and respectful dialogue toward this goal of healing and reconciliation.

Today – pray and vote.

Tomorrow – pray and seek healing and reconciliation in our Commonwealth.

-Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy leadership