Witness for Peace and Justice - From Bloody Sunday to US House Sit-In

John Lewis continued his long witness for peace and justice by leading a sit-in at the US House of Representatives to call for a vote on gun control legislation. He called for the Congress to show "heart, soul, moral leadership, and courage." This act of non-violent resistance is in keeping with his commitment to the way of Jesus that has called him to acts of public witness for over fifty years. His witness in Selma, AL on March 7, 1965 (Bloody Sunday) nearly cost him his life. His leadership of the House Sit-In is another example of his life-long commitment to "get In the way" of injustice. As we give thanks for the life and witness of John Lewis, may each of us discern what God is calling us to do to "get in the way" so that we more faithfully follow the way of Jesus.