The Olympics 80 Years Ago - Challenge and Inspiration

As the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are the focus of world-wide attention, it is important to remember and give thanks for the achievement of African Americans in the Olympics of 1936. That year the games were held in Berlin, Germany in the presence of Adolf Hitler. Many people have heard about Jesse Owens, the most famous African American athlete at those games. Yet there were 18 African Americans on that Olympic team including the first two African American women to represent our country. The video clip below introduces a new documentary that tells the story of these athletes. They faced not only the racism of Hitler's Germany but also the widespread racism of America in the 1930's. The documentary is called "Olympic Pride - American Prejudice." I hope that the video clip will help us all to appreciate the courage of these athletes who faced extraordinary challenges at home and abroad. I also hope that many of us will see the entire documentary when it comes to a local theater.