After the Storms - The Impact of Environmental Racism

From Harvey in Houston to Irma and Marie in the Caribbean, images of devastation from these hurricanes result in reactions of both great sadness and great generosity. Millions of dollars have been raised and tons of supplies have been collected for the relief of storm victims. Yet after the storms pass and recede from the headlines, there is not only massive rebuilding efforts but also the impact of environmental racism. Long before the storms hit, low income people of color live in areas that are not only vulnerable to storms but suffer from daily exposure to toxic pollutants at levels far above those of people who live in higher income communities. After hurricane Harvey hit Houston, a report by Democracy Now focused on "A Toxic Tour of Houston: From Refineries to Superfund Sites in the Wake of Harvey." That video report is posted below. It is well worth the 30 minutes it takes to go on this "tour." As followers of Jesus, we are called to be conscious of this kind of racism that is hidden from most of us and to advocate for environmental justice for all God's children, especially those who suffer most from the abuse of creation. Being faithful steward of the earth is a matter of faith and justice.