Meditation Mondays

Happy New Year! This year we are beginning a new feature on our website and Facebook page. Meditation Monday will focus on a quote each week from a Christian disciple whose spiritual wisdom and Christian experience help us reflect on our journey of being formed into the image and way of Jesus.

Our first quote comes from the Christian Classic The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A'Kempis. He wrote this work in the 1400's, and it has influenced Christians ever since including people such as Ignatius Loyola and John Wesley. Today's selection is especially appropriate in light of New Year's Day when many people make commitments for the year ahead. The following words are not a "resolution" of our own making but a prayer of "surrender" to God so that we can discern and follow God's will for our lives:

"Give what you will, as much as You will, and when You will. Do with me as You think good, as pleases You best, and is most to Your glory. I am in Your hand; guide me according to Your will. I am indeed Your servant, and am ready for anything. I wish to live, not for myself but for You alone..." (From The Imitation of Christ Book 3 Section 15)

May this be our prayer not only on New Year's Day but on each day.