Meditation Monday - Repeating "Yes" Along the Way

We are in the first full week of Lent. This season is often described using the imagery of a journey - the journey of Jesus to the cross and to the empty tomb. Yet this is not just about Jesus' journey. We are on the journey of life and faith not only during Lent but each day of our lives. Especially when we face the "dark valleys" of this journey such as the horrific tragedy of the recent school shooting in Florida that killed 17 innocent people, we are called to stay on the journey trusting in God's loving presence even in the dark. The following words of Father Gregory Boyle seemed especially appropriate not only for this season of Lent but also for our ongoing journey of faith:

A "yes" must be repeated, deepened, made new over and over again - or else it ultimately becomes a "no." In a vocation, a marriage, recovery - no matter what your lips seem to be saying - you have to renew this "yes" all the time. (From Barking to the Choir p. 145)

Through our spiritual practices, words, and actions (such as advocating for reasonable and effective gun control) may we trust God and support each other in saying "yes" to the way of Jesus no matter what we face along the way.