Meditation Monday - Beyond the Commercial Controversy

During the Super Bowl yesterday, one of the commercials featured an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous sermon of February 4, 1968 called "The Drum Major Instinct." Even though the intention of the commercial was to focus on the concept of service, it seemed out of place to use the voice of Dr. King while also promoting a high powered pick up truck. This is especially true when we realize that the last year of Dr. King's life focused on calling our country to address the "giant triplets of evil - racism, materialism, and militarism." Dr. King's sermon used in the commercial was given two months to the day before he was assassinated, and excerpts were played at his funeral. One positive result of yesterday's controversy about the commercial is that it made people aware of this important part of Dr. King's witness. I invite you to view the video posted below that features the voice of Dr. King and the text of his words from part of "The Drum Major Instinct." It still speaks to us today.