Meditation Monday - Lent: A Call to Repent

We are in the heart of the season of Lent. This is a time of reflection and repentance as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter. The word "repent" is one that is often misunderstood or neglected even in Christian communities. It is the English translation of a Greek word (the New Testament was originally written in Greek) that means to "change one's mind" and "to turn around" to go in a new direction. It includes both a change of heart/mind and a commitment to change one's actions to live more completely into God's will for our lives and for our world. Too often the word has been associated only with individual attitudes and actions. It also applies to communities of which we are a part including the Church and our nation. Communities as well as individuals need to repent in order to live into God's purpose of love and justice for all people. It is often more challenging for communities to recognize our need for repentance than it is for individuals. The video below introduces a book by Jim Wallis that came out around two years ago. It has an intriguing title, America's Original Sin. This refers to the sin of racism as expressed in slavery and its legacy that is still with us today. I invite you to watch the video and consider reading the book. The good news of the gospel is that repentance leads to forgiveness and new life. This is true for communities as well as individuals. The Cornelius Corps is called to be a resource that helps individuals and communities to connect our spiritual growth with God's will for racial justice and reconciliation. Together we build transforming relationships through a shared journey of repentance, forgiveness, and taking new steps in the direction of love and justice.