Meditation Monday - The Unifying Power of Pentecost

Yesterday churches around the world celebrated Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit was given to the first Christian community as described in Acts 2: 1-21. The power of the Spirit was not just a gift for individuals. It was also the unifying power that brought people together across barriers of race, culture, nationality, and gender. People from all over the known world heard the good news of the gospel spoken in their own languages by people who had never spoken those languages before. This unifying barrier breaking power was a sure sign that God was at work. The same Holy Spirit first given at Pentecost is the same Spirit at work in followers of Jesus today. Like those early disciples, it is essential that we not limit the gift of the Spirit to an individual spiritual experience. Rather this Spirit still calls us to break down barriers that separate people today. This Spirit empowers us to see all people as God sees us, to love all people as God loves us, and to work for the justice that God desires for all people. The video clip below comes from yesterday's worship service at National City Christian Church in Washington, DC. It features the Rev. Dr. William Barber who is a leader of the Poor People's Campaign that started last week and goes through June 23. Take a few minutes to listen to part of his message about the power of Pentecost. Then let us ask ourselves, "How is God calling me to be open to the power of the Holy Spirit in my own life and in the ongoing struggle for justice for all God's children?"