Meditation Monday - The Cornelius Corps is 17 Years Old!

Yesterday, July 1, was the 17th anniversary of The Cornelius Corps. I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to God and to the many people in many places who have made it possible for this ministry to continue and develop. From our beginning in July 2001, we have been committed to following God's call to help people experience the deep connection between spiritual formation and racial justice/reconciliation. In those early days, I could not have imagined the deep divisions that characterize our country today. As followers of Jesus, we are called to see and relate to all people as beloved children of God regardless of race, culture, national origin, economic status, or any other barrier that separates people at this time in our nation's history. Our ongoing spiritual formation is the foundation for living the way of Jesus as our primary loyalty instead of identifying ourselves with any administration or political party. I look forward to how God will use and direct our ministry in the days and years ahead. The short video below summarizes the call of God in Christ that is at the heart of our ministry.