Monday Meditation: Facing and Overcoming Our Hate

As I mentioned in the last post, I attended a conference at Chautauqua, NY last week where the theme was " Resistance: The Ethics of Dissent." One of the speakers was Sally Kohn who also contributed to the TED Radio Hour podcast episode "Why We Hate." Sally shared her own story of dealing with hate including working as a TV journalist for both Fox News and CNN. She challenges each of us to look at the various forms of hate in our individual lives and in our social systems. Once we can be honest about these forms of hate, both obvious and subtle, we can make the spiritual and conscious commitment to choose love over hate.  At this time of deep polarization in the media and in our society, it was refreshing to hear someone who is honest about her own struggles with hate, relates to people across political divides, and maintains her own commitment to work for justice for all people regardless of race, economic class, gender, or sexual orientation. The key is emphasizing and respecting the humanity of each person including those with whom we most disagree. Please take time to watch the video of her TED talk posted below. Although it comes from a different time and socio-political environment, it reminds me of Jesus' call to love all people including our "enemies." Sally shows us that this is not an idealistic sentiment but a way of life.