Meditation Monday - The Best Way to Defeat Racial Hatred

This coming Sunday, a major "Unite the Right" rally is planned for Washington, DC. The city will be on edge as people spewing racial bigotry and hatred come to the nation's capital to exercise their right to protest. Larger numbers of counter protesters are expected, and there is concern that violence may erupt in ways similar to the tragedy in Charlottesville, VA last August. What is the best way to defeat racial bigotry and hatred? For those of us who follow Jesus, violence is not an option. One person who bears witness to a better way is Christian Picciolini. He is a former neo-Nazi who came out of that hateful movement and now directs an organization called Life After Hate. His story shows that compassion and empathy for our "enemies" is the best way to defeat their misguided ideology and change their lives. Please take time to watch his TED talk posted below. In a time of deep polarization, he reminds us that helping people to experience the humanity of their "enemies" is the one way to defeat hatred with love. Chris Picciolini is certainly not the first person to discover this way of victory through love. However he is a wonderful example of believing and practicing the way of Jesus that calls us to love our enemies (Matthew 5: 43-45).