Meditation Monday - Wisdom From a Man Named Wise

This past weekend I participated in an event sponsored by a group of inter-racial Christians called DC Unity and Justice Fellowship. The weekend included a presentation and workshop by Tim Wise who is a nationally known anti-racist educator and activist. Much of what Tim presented encouraged me, because it was consistent with the calling of Cornelius Corps. Two aspects of what he shared were especially meaningful to me. First he emphasized the need for Americans to deepen our understanding of the racial history of our country. The challenge is that the importance of history is downplayed in most current educational settings. Tim made the point that most of us function on the basis of memory (what we remember or think happened) vs. history (what actually happened). Progress in racial justice and reconciliation depends on an in-depth knowledge of where we have been as a foundation for working toward a vision of greater justice for all. Secondly, Tim emphasized that the work of racial justice/reconciliation is a journey that lasts a lifetime. We need communities of care and support to stay with it over the long haul. Deepening understanding of our nation’s racial history and developing groups for spiritual growth and support are two foundational principles of the ministry of Cornelius Corps. I am grateful for leaders such as Tim Wise and groups such as DC Unity and Justice Fellowship who are partners in the life long journey of racial justice/reconciliation. I am posting a video of Tim Wise from an appearance on CNN earlier this year. It is an example of the insight and frank honesty that we need in facing and learning from our nation’s racial legacy in order to move toward greater levels of justice for all.