Racial Justice/Reconciliation

 Reconciliation with God and each other is at the heart of the gospel and God's purpose for our lives and relationships. The Cornelius Corps is a resource to help the Church claim and live into God's call to racial justice/reconciliation as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We offer the following resources:

Workshops that focus on the spiritual foundation and legacy of the modern Civil Rights Movement and our ongoing journey for racial justice and reconciliation in our society today.

Group Trips to Washington, DC for a faith-based neighborhood walking tour or a three day retreat.

Descriptions of the workshops and group trips are available below:



Journey to Justice: Overview of the Ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Modern Civil Rights Movement

The focus of this workshop is on major events from the ministry of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement in the years 1955-1968 through presentations, video clips, and small group discussion.

This can be a single half- day (4-6 hour) session or three sessions of two to three hours each.

 $750 for single session half-day workshop plus travel, meal, and housing

$1,500 for three sessions plus travel, meal, and housing arrangements


Remember and Recommit

Churches of different racial majorities partner for this 18 month to 2 year series of 6-8 half-day workshops including forming a covenant group that practices shared spiritual disciplines, coordinates workshops with The Cornelius Corps, and commits to working together on an ongoing issue of racial justice/reconciliation. The workshops go into greater detail by following the major events and witnesses from a specific year of the Civil Rights Movement (i.e. 1960, 1961, 1962, etc.). Special attention is given to the 50th to 60th anniversaries of events that have been or will be celebrated over the next several years.

$5,000-6,000 per partner church/ministry payable over two years or a two-year commitment as a Cornelius Corps Partner at $250 per month (See Cornelius Corps Community Partners Page). 


Group Trips to Washington, DC: (Groups up to 20 people)

·      Faith Based Walking Tours (2-4hours) of parts of DC that introduce people to the rich history and culture of our nation’s capital and our ongoing call to racial justice/reconciliation.

·      Spiritual Formation Retreat (three days) that includes:

1) Spiritual formation sessions focusing on the practice of the inward, outward, and together model of Christian discipleship and its relationship to racial justice/reconciliation 2) learning about the ministry of The Cornelius Corps and the history and culture of the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC and 3) worshipping at New Community Church, the church where The Cornelius Corps is based. Free time is available for visiting other sites of Washington, DC. Participants are responsible for their own housing and meal costs. Information about housing options can be provided upon request.

            $250 for the Faith Based Walking Tour

$1,500 for the three day retreat. Participants are responsible for their own housing and meal costs. Information about housing options can be provided upon request.